San Andreas Fault – Hideout – January 6, 2017

Show Type – Jukely Flyer (a show selected solely based on Jukely description)

For Openers – Dark Fog

“Our Reverb Goes to Eleven”
-paraphrase, Spinal Tap

The “describing the band” blurb on Jukely compared them favorably to Smashing Pumpkins circa Gish.  Well, OK.  There was a lot of fuzzy guitar. For me, the thing that most supported this claim was the drummer.  Like Jimmy Chamberlain was under praised for his contributions to the Pumpkins, the drummer tonight was what held this two-piece together.  The singer/guitarist may have been good, but both his vocals and playing were too buried in reverb to distinguish much.

Highlight of the set had to be the middle-agish dude he came to DANCE.  Despite only about 15 people being in the room, he set himself up front and center and worked through his moves including the “robot” and an extended pop-n-lock session!

Main Attraction – San Andreas Fault

“You Gotta Admit the Bands Pretty Tight”
-The Holdy Steady, “Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night”

Jukely described San Andreas Fault as “instrumental surf-noir” and that sums them up pretty well.  I’m really not into jam bands as 15 minute noodling wears thin, no matter how talented there is.  That being said, a night of instrumental music made up of a series of 3-5 minute songs appears to be right up my alley because I really enjoyed this band.  It was pretty clear they had been playing together for a while (with the exception of the drummer who apparently was playing his first show with the band) because they were tight and had a good rapport with the crowd.

Mr. Pop-N-Lock (PNL) was still up front and apparently found his voice as he would yell random snippets after each song.  At which point the leader of the band asked “Did you just yell ‘Rock Music’”? After an affirmative from Mr. PNL, he responded something like “Well, alright then”.  PNL wasn’t annoying, just eccentric.  This is what makes seeing live music great—the unexpected.

Would You See Them Again? Rating: Definitely

Venue Notes: I haven’t been to the Hideout in several years and forgot how much I like this place.  First you can’t beat the location.  The Hideout is situated in a small industrial area off North Avenue and the Kennedy that includes one of the metal recycling plants that is a magnet for all of the Mad Max metal scavengers you see combing the alleys of Chicago and is directly across the street from the City of Chicago garbage truck depot!  The front of the place is ‘dive bar’ at its finest (compliment). The music room in the back is small but well suited to its purpose with tables around the edges and hooks for jackets along the walls. The PA is fine and sightlines are good.  Good for families? No.  Good for bikers? Yes!


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